31 Jan 2015

トマス・モーリー 「こおろぎ」&「風車」

ルネサンス期のイギリスの作曲家、トマス・モーリー Thomas Morley (1557-1602年) の作品がYoutubeにてお聞き頂けます。モーリーを存じない方は、シェークスピアの同時代人というとピンと来るかもしれません。

Il Grillo「こおろぎ」、La Girandola「風車」の両ピースはThe First Booke of Canzonets to Two Voycesに収められているファンタジア。尚、楽譜中には、Girandola?のように疑問符「?」が付加され表記されています。Bookeは、12の歌曲(Canzonets)と9の器楽曲(Fantasia)のレパートリーで構成されています。全て2声の対位法でかかれ、簡素で美しい作品が多く、鍵盤ハーモニカで良い響きがするように思えます。

Il Grilloの録音に使用したのは、両者とも前回の記事で紹介した木製鍵盤ハーモニカ(右・遠山麻友美 / 左・小嵐龍輔)。La Girandolaは今まで使用してきたもの(右・遠山麻友美)と木製鍵盤ハーモニカ(左・小嵐龍輔)。

以下は The First Booke of Canzonets to Two Voycesの前文より引用

Loe heere, most worthy Ladie these Canzonets of mine like two wayting maydes desiring to attend upon you; destinated by my Wife (even beefore they were borne) unto your Ladiships service. Not that for any great good or bewite in them shee thought them worthy of you: but that not being able as heeretofore still to serve you; shee would that these therefore with their presence should make good & suply that hir absence. For hir sake then vouchsafe, gentle Ladie, to entertain them; having no other thing to commend them to you for, but this that they are Virgins, never yet having once been out at standing perhaps in the highest degree they shall not satisfie you: yet if they shal but in any sort content you; I know that the greatest fault you will finde in them shable for their smalnesse. And so good Madame I cease further to trouble: but not still to serve and honor you. 

From London the 17. of November. 1595

Your Ladieships Ever to commanund

Thomas Morley

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